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Ljubisa Radovic N. | Facultad de Ingeniería UdeC


Ljubisa Radovic

Ingeniera Civil Química
Doctor en Cs. de Combustibles, Universidad Estatal de Pensilvania

Profesor Titular

Mail: lradovic@udec.cl
Anexo: 3654
Oficina 403 Edificio Gustavo Pizarro
Scopus ID

Líneas de Investigación

  • Gas/solid reactions and development of heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbent products, use of carbon materials in air and water pollution prevention processes, coal and biomass gasification, use of biomass-derived materials, computational chemistry of carbon reactions, surface properties of carbon materials (supports, catalysts, adsorbents, fibers, composites), kinetics, catalysis and inhibition of coal conversion and carbon gasification processes, and methodology of teaching energy and environmental issues to non-technical students.

Publicaciones más relevantes

Torrefaction of Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus: A combined experimental and modeling approach to process synthesis. (2015). 103. Arteaga-Pérez, L.; Segura, C.; Espinoza, D.; Radovic, L.; Jimenez, R., Energy for Sustainable Development 29, 13.

An Update on the Mechanism of the Graphene-NO Reaction. (2015). Oyarzún, A.; Radovic, L.; Kyotani, T., Carbon 86, 58.

Optimization of mechanical properties of Al-metal matrix composite produced by direct fusion of beverage cans. (2014). Carrasco, C.; Inzunza, G.; Camurri, C.; Rodríguez, C.; Radovic, L.; Soldera, F.; Suarez, S., Materials Science and Engineering: A 617, 146.

Thermodynamic predictions of performance of a bagasse integrated gasification combined cycle under quasi-equilibrium conditions. (2014). Arteaga-Perez, L.; Casas-Ledon, Y.; Prins, W.; Radovic, L., Chemical Engineering Journal 258, 402.

Catalysis: an old but new challenge for graphene-based materials. (2014). Radovic, L.; Mora-Vilches, C.; Salgado-Casanova, A., Chinese Journal of Catalysis 35, 792

Proyectos destacados

«Quantum chemistry of graphene: toward a fundamental understanding of electrochemical and (electro)catalytic properties of carbon materials «
En curso

«Materials derived from forest biomass»
CCTE-UDT, University of Concepción
En curso

«Chemisorption, Reaction and Desorption Studies of Coal Chars in Steam, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide»
Gas Research Institute.

«A New Approach Toward Viable Carbon-Supported Catalysts»
Texaco Inc.

«Characterization and Modification of Carbon-Coated Alumina»
Aluminum Company of America.

Asignaturas que Imparte

  • Comunicación en Ingeniería