Asieh Hekmat

Profesor Asistente

Mail: ahekmat@udec.cl
Anexo: 1720
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Líneas de Investigación

  • Planificación y diseño de minería a cielo abierto
  • Carguío y transporte de materiales.

Publicaciones más relevantes

R Castro, R Gómez and A Hekmat,2016, Experimental quantification of hang-up for block Caving application, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 85:1-9.

Castro R., Requelme J., Widzyk-Capehart E., Hekmat A., Baraqui J., 2015; Automation fundamental of continuous mining system; Int. J. of Mining, Reclamation and Environment; Volume 29, Issue 5, Special Issue: Mining Machinery and Automation; pp. 419-432.

A. Hekmat, M. Osanloo, P. Moarefvand, 2011, Block size selection with the objective of minimizing the discrepancy in real and estimated block grade, Arabian Journal of Geosciences.

Osanloo, M., Hekmat A., 2005, Prediction of shovel productivity in the Gol-E-Gohar Iron Mine, Journal of Mining Science, Vol. 41, No. 5.

Proyectos destacados

Determination of Block Size with the Objective of Optimizing Ultimate Pit Limit and Long Term Production Planning;

Prediction of Loading System (shovel) Productivity Based up on Large Fragmented Rock Caused by Blasting Operation;

Asignaturas que Imparte

  • Carguío y Transporte de Minerales
  • Planificación Minera