Rafael Padilla D.

Ingeniero Civil Metalúrgico
Ph.D. in Metallurgy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Profesor Titular

Mail: rpadilla@udec.cl
Anexo: 3666
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Líneas de Investigación

  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of Metallurgical Processes

Publicaciones más relevantes

R Padilla, I. Moscoso, M.C. Ruiz, «Mechanism and Kinetics of Stibnite Chloridizing with Calcium Chloride-Oxygen at 500 °C to 650 °C», Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, Vol. 50B, February 2019, 219-228.

M.C. Ruiz, O. Jerez, R. Padilla, , «Kinetics of the Cupric Catalyzed Oxidation of Fe-II by Oxygen at High Temperature and High Pressure», Mineral Processing and extractive Metallurgy Review, Vol. 37(3), (2016), pp. 160-167.

R. Padilla, O. Jerez, M.C. Ruiz, «Kinetics of the pressure leaching of enargite in FeSO4-H2SO4-O-2 media», Hydrometallurgy Vol. 158, (2015) pp. 49-55.

R. Padilla, C. Opazo, M.C. Ruiz, «Kinetics of Copper Removal from Sulfidized Molybdenite Concentrates by Pressure Leaching», Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, Vol. 46(1) (2015), pp.30-37.

M.C. Ruiz, F. Daroch, R. Padilla, «Digestion Kinetics of arsenic Removal from Enargite-Tennantite Concentrates», Minerals Engineering, 79 (2015), pp. 47-53.

Proyectos Destacados

“Vaporization of Sb, As, and Bi in Chlorinating Roasting of Sb2S3, Cu3AsS4, and Bi2S3”, Investigador responsable: Proyecto FONDECYT 1150339, Marzo 2015-Marzo 2018.

“Removal of arsenic from copper concentrates by alkaline baking and leaching with Na2S-NaOH”, Co-investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT 1120585, Marzo 2012- Marzo 2015.

“Removal of copper from molybdenite concentrates by sulfidation and leaching” Investigador Responsable: Proyecto FONDECYT 1110590, Marzo 2011- Marzo 2014.

“Kinetics of oxidation/volatilization of Cu3AsS4, Sb2S3, and Bi2S3 in N2-O2 mixtures”, Investigador Responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT 1080296, Marzo 2008 – Marzo 2011.

“Pressure leaching of arsenical copper concentrates with simultaneous precipitation as a stable ferric arsenate”, Coinvestigador, Proyecto FONDECYT 1080289, Marzo 2008-Marzo 2011.

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